Corporate Marketplaces

Since online e-commerce stores are becoming ubiquitous, let Orange Lab Media help you stand apart from the rest. There are about 1.3 million marketplaces in the United States alone. Countless small businesses are adding e-commerce websites to help them compete against larger companies. At Orange Lab Media, we can custom design a corporate marketplace that can highlight your products and entice your current and new customers to click “checkout.” We have a team of web designers and developers who specialize in e-commerce solutions that will maximize your ROI and generate sales. You can be a virtual online store or you can use an e-commerce marketplace to supplement your brick-and-mortar operation. If you are a retail enterprise, you will not want to miss out on that online revenue. In 2017, Cyber Monday generated a record $6.59 billion in sales. Let Orange Lab Media help you generate online dollars.