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Department of the Air Force

How We Helped the Department of the Air Force in Record Time

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With such a large population, the sharing of knowledge, having the right tools, and keeping up with technology is important to all jobs. It’s absolutely essential that the Fire Department keep up with the ever-changing situations. In doing so, JBSA Fire Department wanted to upgrade the existing branding on its emergency vehicles for better visibility, firefighter safety, community trust, and brand consistency. The department has been utilizing two hazmat trailers as a part of their quick response team for over 10 years.

The trailers were outdated in terms of look, feel, and branding. Furthermore, the trailers were not consistent with some of the newer vehicle’s branding. With the outdated branding and vinyl material, it leaves the firefighters at risk each time they utilize operate the vehicle in real life emergencies.


Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) is a United States military installation located in San Antonio, Texas.

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